Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Friends Are Treasures

Over the span of about seven months I have distanced myself from my best friend. I don't know what happened. But I know what has happened during that time: her being away at school, I was busy with school. My brother's divorce, and another friend I trusted so much went bad, really bad. I've spent time working my horse, helping my mother and spending time with my family. Working on "me".

But, my biggest question, why did I make the mistake of losing a friend? What was so significant between the two of us or in my life that we BOTH quit talking to each other? Who am I to do that to a dear friend, and why did I do that to her? I deep down miss her amazing energy, personality, her passion for miniature anythings, her love to Heinz ketchup, hermit craps, her hating the wind cause she can't sleep, the smell of her room, the eeeekk noise that she makes when she gets excited, her planner, the dancer I've always wanted to be, organization, fashion, underwear shopping, and the list goes on with the things that remind me of her or the things that I miss about her....


jenkinsfamliypost said...

well then CALL HER! tell her all of this. she misses you too i am sure!
i love you kiely. :)

Susan said...

Oh Kiely! Jeanie and I had that happen to us at about the same age. I introduced her to Denny, but we were so distanced by the time they got married, that I wasn't even invited to her wedding. I still don't know what I did. But we missed each other and somehow all things changed, and our friendship became even more precious.

Somehow connect--say you're sorry, even if you don't know what happened, maybe she'll open-up. I know you miss her so much. :( I love you! Just BTW...I like your music. Mom