Sunday, January 31, 2010

My update!

The Newest Update:
Guess? I did get Student Life Activities Vice President, nope that's not it. But something happened.

I have now been away from home for about four weeks. During this time I have been focusing on ME. Well that's all I have to focus on. I don't have family really close by, I left my nieces and nephews at home with all of my favorite animals, and my mom and dad are not here to wake me or tell me when to go to bed. :)
There are so many things that I would love to share about my experiences so far while being "AWAY" at college. However; there is one thing that has influenced my life and made me happy while being away from home. And that is the connection I have with the other members of the church, and Heavenly Father. I am so happy to be around some amazing members of the church. Today I woke up said my prayer, and was so happy that it was Sunday. The classes today gave me great comfort with questions I had been asking myself about. And by the end of the 3rd hour I realized that it is time to go to the temple. I happily went to the temple prep class today. I was amazed at how strong the spirit was during that hour. Instantly when I sat down I was over whelmed with comfort and happiness. I was so honored to be taught by a brother that served in the same mission as my dad. He does the sealings at the Manti temple. He has so much amazing knowledge. I can't wait to go back next Sunday to hear more from this amazing man.

So with that, my testimony has grown just today about the Holy Ghost and how much of a comforter he is to those that are worthy of him. Each day here at Snow College I am touched by simple things that others do for me. Like paying .50 to dry my laundry then the angel folded it for me. Thank you who ever you are! I know the church is true not just here, but all over the world.

I miss you family! I can't wait to see you in March. But know that I am happy here, and learning SO much about myself as well as agriculture! :)


Friday, January 1, 2010

Memorize The Beach and Islands On Horseback

Sahara's Feet Have Never Been So Beautiful

Colby Was Fun To Ride

I Will Miss This. I Wish I Had
Ridden At The Beach More!

Beautiful December

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Fun Times

Ventura Harbor Parade of Lights

Dad and I At The Parade of Lights.
Dad Was Asked To Be A Judge of Boat Floats

Santa Claus (Uncle John Harber)
Getting The Scoooopp!

Brother Bear Scared Me at Disneyland
Tractor Rodeo
Monday 12/22/09
Tatum and I Working The Dirt
The wrong date on the

Dallin and I Scraping and Moving Dirt

Caroling on Kenna's
. Our First
Real Christmas Fun!

Dad, Grandma Dune, and I

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Saddle for Me. Really It's Over 100+ Years Old Poley Saddle and Queensland Heeler Puppies

The Poley Australian
Saddle and My Sahara

I really love the Poley Saddle
it's Awesome. My Sahara loves it,
'cuz she was an angel with it on.
Must be really comfortable.

Perfect fit!

Smile for The Camera.
Yes! See.. Sahara Smiles, too!

The saddle is my mother's and was used as soon as she got it in 1960 and she always loved it. My great-grandfather was a saddle-maker and was well known in the community for leather work. He actually wouldn't have used the saddle because he went all "Western" and was a California State Judge. He also knew the gullet of the saddle wouldn't fit all of the Quarter Horses on our place or the large Morgan.. and too large for the Arabian. It fit his roper Chico and my mom's horse Babe. Of course, he changed the cinch it came with to a D ring with a roper girth, cinch strap, and off-billet.

The only thing I had trouble with is the rubber pads were missing from the stir-ups, so I had to use my Justin boots with the rubber soles. Soooo, my boots were exactly the same as the fender of the saddle and bugged me the whole time--the side of the saddle was constantly trying to side inside my boot. Now I see why the English Style boot is so high on the leg. I could go for that. This is comfy and I really could go for days trail-riding in this saddle. Now, I want an Australian halter/bridle that has the detachable bit, and a martingale and the cupper thingy that goes around the tail. Maybe even a Monkey Bar. lol Don't ask! I'm glad my mom ended-up with such a treasure and it fits MY SAHARA! I'm sticking with this saddle. I love it and my horse loves it too. I think we connect better, but we've always been "kindred spirits."

Ojai saddle-maker (a real expert) said that saddle was the oldest saddle he'd ever seen. We didn't think it even had a small D-ring for the cupper, but it was a little rusted to the top of the saddle gullet. Too Cool.

My favorite movie ever is The Man From Snowy River. It was my Grandpa Gene's favorite too. I didn't even know we had that in common. Grandpa Gene died when I was one and Grandpa Gene was Joe Wellman's son.

The saddle was sent to Grandpa Joe from Rosemary Waugh from Toloumbi, MacLean N.S.W. Austrailia. She had sold my great grandfather Joe Wellman a whole bunch of Kelpies. The first one was Tucha Tucka. Koolinga Roger was Tucka's sire and was a show dog that was dark red. The dam was Tarion Binda. My grandfather sold Kelpies all over the U. S. and the saddle was a present to my mother for helping with the obedience training and she also received a dog named Bushgirl. The Queensland Heeler just came with the bunch and her name was Gympie...maybe it's a name of an area, but my mom's family called her Gypsy.

We still have the Queensland Heelers, but the Kelpies are all gone. They sold so fast that my grandfather just couldn't keep up with the demand. Now my sister is breeding them and selling Queenslands. Her selling blog site is: Knappy Puppies

I took the pictures for her blogspot. Yay! They are cute as my Heelers! And...chunky-cute!

This is Rascal!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Friends Are Treasures

Over the span of about seven months I have distanced myself from my best friend. I don't know what happened. But I know what has happened during that time: her being away at school, I was busy with school. My brother's divorce, and another friend I trusted so much went bad, really bad. I've spent time working my horse, helping my mother and spending time with my family. Working on "me".

But, my biggest question, why did I make the mistake of losing a friend? What was so significant between the two of us or in my life that we BOTH quit talking to each other? Who am I to do that to a dear friend, and why did I do that to her? I deep down miss her amazing energy, personality, her passion for miniature anythings, her love to Heinz ketchup, hermit craps, her hating the wind cause she can't sleep, the smell of her room, the eeeekk noise that she makes when she gets excited, her planner, the dancer I've always wanted to be, organization, fashion, underwear shopping, and the list goes on with the things that remind me of her or the things that I miss about her....

Friday, October 2, 2009

CowGirl Kiely's Easy, Easy Cheese


Monterey Jack Cheese

1 Gallon pasteurized milk
2-4 oz. Buttermilk
¼ tsp. Rennet

cool/heat milk to 88 degrees. Add buttermilk and stir.

Ripen for 15 minutes.

Mix ¼ tsp. Rennet with ¼ cup cool water and add to milk. Stir for 1 minute. Allow to set, undisturbed, for 30 minutes to allow curd to develop.

While stirring gently, heat slowly for 1 hour. Try to increase temperature about 2 degrees every 5 minutes. Do not exceed 100 degrees. Shut off heat and stop stirring.

After curds have sunk to bottom of pan, remove whey to 1’ above curds.

While stirring, add cold water to reduce temperature to 85 degrees. Stir curds an additional 5 minutes.

Drain curds well. Add canning salt or plain (un-iodized) also called to taste.

Place curd into a sterile muslin cloth. Shape into a ball and tie ends tightly with a string.

Flatten ball and place on a dinner plate. Place a 2nd plate upside down, on tip. Apply medium weight (6-8 pounds) atop second plate. Press overnight at room temperature.

Carefully remove cloth the next day.

Air dry cheese by placing on a clean cloth towel and covering with clean cheesecloth. Turn cheese until it is dry on the outside.

Can wax and age this cheese for 3 weeks to 2 months, or eat it fresh.

**Before pressing, you can add peppers, olives, caraway seeds, dry onions, sun-dried tomatoes or dill weed. Anything you think sounds good (dried peppers, yum!) Be imaginative and enjoy!!

Weights: sledge hammer, gallon of water, bricks, scuba weights, brother’s round lifting weights. Be sure they are clean and in a zip-lock baggy.

Great website for supplies:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Saw It Wth My Own Eyes!

That is exactly what went on today. The new sorrel was getting really feisty with Kiely. She didn't want to be lunged with-out Sahara pushing her along or trying to keep up with Sahara.

Kiely had Tatum put Sahara away and oh, no...did that mare get mad. I'm not sure what her name is yet...but I'm sure Kiely had some good ones for her this evening.

She pulled-out the, "If you frickin' don't want to go forward... let's have a good time backing up!" I so saw my dad in her... and my Grandpa Joe. I didn't know that she'd been studying Clinton Anderson. The Horse reared a few times then just backed-up smoothly almost to "Jurassic Park." It seemed flawless..I so wish my legs worked. Wow....I loved seeing Kiely be the "Alpha Mare" I wanted to be out there with her, but she didn't need me. There's no giving in... "sissy-style" with any horse. It will come back.

The horse was moving well leading after that excitement. There wasn't any crowding Kiely or pulling, just giving-in. Kiely started to lunge her and the mare did exactly what every untrained horse will do or pull on you...... She looked at Kiely with her ears penned, "What?" You want me to do, WHAAATTT?" My daughter just got down ad totally DID "The Clinton Anderson Moves." I've never seen that action ever. She made the horse watch her change hands--whip and lunge line smoothly and just seemed to stare her down, as in the picture above. She responded like a perfect cow pony. Beautiful! I went to find my camera and that took some doing. I ended-up with her camera, and by the time I had set the camera up and found my glasses..... Kiely was putting her away. It's Sunday, the new horse needed out of her pen and when she minded and did well....the mare went back in her pen.

I'm glad Randy was here just in case of uncontrolled wild happened and my son Dustin, too. He kept saying how he wants to get back riding again. He was proud of her courage to stick with it and overcome obstacles. She never lost her focus or cool....Kiely didn't need us. I think this kind of stuff helps a person be strong in life, too. I saw this today..I love you, Kiely! Mom