Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Saw It Wth My Own Eyes!

That is exactly what went on today. The new sorrel was getting really feisty with Kiely. She didn't want to be lunged with-out Sahara pushing her along or trying to keep up with Sahara.

Kiely had Tatum put Sahara away and oh, no...did that mare get mad. I'm not sure what her name is yet...but I'm sure Kiely had some good ones for her this evening.

She pulled-out the, "If you frickin' don't want to go forward... let's have a good time backing up!" I so saw my dad in her... and my Grandpa Joe. I didn't know that she'd been studying Clinton Anderson. The Horse reared a few times then just backed-up smoothly almost to "Jurassic Park." It seemed flawless..I so wish my legs worked. Wow....I loved seeing Kiely be the "Alpha Mare" I wanted to be out there with her, but she didn't need me. There's no giving in... "sissy-style" with any horse. It will come back.

The horse was moving well leading after that excitement. There wasn't any crowding Kiely or pulling, just giving-in. Kiely started to lunge her and the mare did exactly what every untrained horse will do or pull on you...... She looked at Kiely with her ears penned, "What?" You want me to do, WHAAATTT?" My daughter just got down ad totally DID "The Clinton Anderson Moves." I've never seen that action ever. She made the horse watch her change hands--whip and lunge line smoothly and just seemed to stare her down, as in the picture above. She responded like a perfect cow pony. Beautiful! I went to find my camera and that took some doing. I ended-up with her camera, and by the time I had set the camera up and found my glasses..... Kiely was putting her away. It's Sunday, the new horse needed out of her pen and when she minded and did well....the mare went back in her pen.

I'm glad Randy was here just in case of uncontrolled wild happened and my son Dustin, too. He kept saying how he wants to get back riding again. He was proud of her courage to stick with it and overcome obstacles. She never lost her focus or cool....Kiely didn't need us. I think this kind of stuff helps a person be strong in life, too. I saw this today..I love you, Kiely! Mom


jenkinsfamliypost said...

i saw her doing the magic. i wondered what the leaning over was. i did not get to watch the entire thing but she did in the end actually behave. good job kiki the ss!